Thank you for joining us at all of our wonderful films this season!  April 27 and 28 featured The North Jersey Human Rights Film Festival, sponsored by the Unitarian Society. On May 2 and 3 we kicked off our Foreign Film Festival at the Ridgewood Library. We were at at Bow Tie Cinemas in downtown Ridgewood on May 9 and 10th for the Ridgewood Guild’s 8th Annual Film Festival, including the Awards Ceremony and After Party. There were a variety of films from across the globe and locally. Check out this year’s full schedule at the Film Festival Event Page. Thanks again for supporting us!  See you next year.

  1. Tony Damiano says:

    Our Viewing Committee has viewed over 70 films this year! More films were entered this year than any other year. We have now grown the festival to 6 nights celebrating film.
    We are very excited to be collaberating with The Unitarian Society this year showcasing their segment on Human Rights. April 27 and 28 at the Unitarian Church.
    We welcome back Jamboree! If you wish to be a part of this fantastic organization, learn more on Wednesday evening, May 9.


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