The Ridgewood Guild had a great event on November 12 with their first……”Cash Mobs!!!!” 5 retail stores were “mobbed” by happy shoppers who supported our Ridgewood Guild businesses by spending over $1,000.00. Congratulations to The Green Olive Branch, Mango Jam, Pink Bungalow, Town and Country Apothecary, and Backyard Living for being selected… and thanks to […]

Help support Ridgewood Retail Stores! Join us on Saturday, October 14 for The Ridgewood Guild’s 2nd Annual Cash Mobs, this year taking place during Walktoberfest. Never been part of a cash mob before? Here’s how it will work: At 10:00am we’ll all meet at Mango Jam for a complimentary breakfast At that time you’ll be […]